As of Today April 6th here is the most recent news we have been give about showing homes for sale:

Here is what we know at this time after speaking with NorBAR and reviewing the verbiage from NorBAR and the local Counties.

Vacant Properties Can Be Shown, provided that:

  1. Seller has signed the COVID-19 form giving permission to allow buyers to enter the property.  In addition, the new CAR “Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration” Form must be signed by Buyer and Seller prior to Buyer entering the property.  Buyers need to sign one form for each property they visit with the address on it.
  2. Limit to 2 buyers from the same household and 1 agent are allowed in the home.
  3. Buyers are to drive to the property and meet the agent at the property.
  4. All parties are to sanitize the property after viewing and touch as little as possible..

You cannot show properties where “the occupant is still residing in the residence”.

  1. Buyers will not be allowed to  go to properties where the ‘occupant is still residing in the residence”.

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